Productivity Planner for Crochetpreneurs | 85 Pages+ Bonus Bundles

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The Productivity Planner for Crochetprenurs was designed with the busy crochet business owner in mind. 

Running a handmade business well and growing it into a profitable enterprise takes planning, organization, time management skills, and passion. For many creatives, everything but the passion can be a struggle.

So, I created this bundle of checklists, form, workflows, and spreadsheets to help you in every step of growing your fiber-based empire.


With 85-pages of non-duplicated content, when you use the planner and print the pages as you need them, you'll be able to

  • Manage your time more effectively, finishing more tasks with the time you have,
  • Plan your business goals and crush them,
  • Keep all your important information in one place - manage that chaos,
  • Brainstorm and keep track of all your ideas for your business,
  • Use my workflows as a template to create your own systems,
  • Keep all your contacts in one place,
  • Track business expenses, income and mileage,
  • Track followers, subscribers, and collaborations,
  • Create detailed monthly, weekly and daily action plans to ensure your success!

What's included:

    • Cover
    • Permission to Print
    • Detailed strategies for productivity and time management
    • Workflows and Cheat Sheets for social media, Pinterest, hashtags, email newsletters, opt ins, and graphics
    • The complete Handmade Business Binder with details, branding board, avatar, media kit details, and password tracker
    • A 12-month customizable calendar
    • Goal planning tips with trackers for yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals
    • Strategy for time-blocking on a tight schedule with templates
    • Trackers for income, expenses, mileage, followers, engagement, and affiliate links
    • Brainstorming and Collaboration trackers
    • 5 different spine sizes
    • And more!

(physical binder not included)


For June/July only, each Productivity Planner for Crochetpreneurs comes with three bonus bundles!

The Sales Bundle, including:

  • Sales workflows for product listings and product launches
  • Listing style sheet
  • Video production
  • Shop and show stats
  • Inventory tracking
  • Consignment and Wholesale tracking and contracts
  • Product line development and more!

The Design Bundle, including: 

  • Workflows for design and pattern launches
  • Collab, connection, and product line trackers
  • Brainstorming worksheets
  • and more!

The Blogger Bundle, including:

  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post workflow
  • Post launch workflow
  • Affiliate and ad revenue trackers
  • Blog stat tracker
  • Brainstorming worksheets
  • and more!

That's over 50 additional pages for your planner for free!

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