The Best Craft Fair Planner Ever | 35 Pages

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THIS IS A PRINTABLE CRAFT FAIR PLANNER with 35 pages! You will not receive anything in the mail.

It's possible to eliminate the chaos of planning your craft fair and track all the details to let you manage your sales with confidence and professionalism with the Best Craft Fair Planner Ever!

In this printable planner, I share the checklists, forms, and spreadsheets I use in my own thriving handmade business to help you plan, execute, and earn profit from your participation in local fairs.

With 35-pages of non-duplicated content, when you use the planner and print the pages as you need them, you'll be able to

  • Organize contacts, cost, location and details information for each and every fair that you’re working,
  • Plan the details of your months and weeks heading into your craft fair season,
  • Practice the layout of your booth before you ever leave the house,
  • Ensure that you’re not forgetting anything you’ll need with you at the fair,
  • Brainstorm and keep track of all your ideas for your business,
  • Create a workable, intentional marketing strategy for each fair,
  • You’ll also be able to:
  • Document the inventory that you bring to each show,
  • Track custom orders and delivery details,
  • Gather signups for your e-mail list,
  • Manage all of your contacts in one place,
  • Tally your craft fair sales, taxes and supplies that need to be restocked,
  • Log your craft fair expenses and mileage,
  • Create detailed monthly, weekly and daily action plans to ensure your success!

What's included:

  • Cover
  • Boilerplate
  • Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Show Directories
  • Craft Show Tracker
  • Policies Pages
  • Supplies List
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Sales Log
  • Booth Layout Grids
  • Booth Layout Cutouts
  • Custom Order Forms
  • Email Signup Sheets
  • Expense and Mileage Logs
  • Contacts
  • Supplies Shopping List
  • Divider Page
  • Spines (3 color and 3 size options)
  • and more!

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